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      Faculty of Civil Engineering and HCMUTE decided to establish the Center for Civil Engineering Research and Application in 2015. 
1. Personnel:
Dr. Nguyen Sy Hung
Deputy Directors:
Dr. Tran Vu Tu
Le Phuong (Master)
2. Development orientation:
     The Center was set up to become a place for advanced lecturers to maximize their capability in construction implementation and consultancy; also, this is where for Construction students in and outside UTE to practice and improve their trade. The Center aims to become:
- A strong Construction Consultancy. Prongs: Industrial and civil construction design; Planning of civil and industrial project construction method, especially high-rise construction method for high-rises; Construction consulting and supervision; Consulting of project management and bidding; Construction quality inspection; Consulting of construction defect rectification.
- A strong Construction Training unit. Prongs: Training of Construction software, especially focused on Design automation, Building information modeling (BIM); Vocational training: Design, Construction, Project management; Training of Design and Construction organization management; Training and organizing professional construction certificate examination.
- A strong Research unit. Prongs: Research of construction design optimization; Research into new materials; Development of design automation software; Research and development of destructive and nondestructive testing methods. 
- A “Boarding Design Laboratory” for students to train, practice, and familiarize themselves with the corporal environment and gain exposure to real projects prior to graduation. 

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